Shoreline Clean Energy Technology students go off-grid…

Shoreline Clean Energy Technology students go off-grid to generate power

CET install

Students in Shoreline’s Clean Energy Tech program complete a mock installation of a battery based photovoltaic system on the demonstration roof next to the Zero Energy House on Shoreline’s campus.

As the energy industry continues to advance, Shoreline’s Clean Energy Technology (CET) program remains nimble in its course offerings to anticipate and meet the growing needs of employers and consumers. In a new class added in winter of 2016, Shoreline students got to delve into the world of off-grid power generation and storage, a hot topic in the energy industry.

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Shoreline’s Clean Energy Technology students wow Public Health Laboratories with solar installation proposal


This winter, Shoreline’s Clean Energy Technology (CET) program students got real-world training on how to work with clients in an industry setting. In January, following months of research, students in the Zero Energy Design Practicum class presented an in-depth solar installation proposal to a board of managers and directors at the State of Washington’s Public Health Laboratories.

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Clean Energy Technology Degree Offered by Shoreline Community College!

The Clean Energy Technology Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences degree is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary for a career in sustainable design, construction, maintenance and management. For more information, see

Solar-powered garden to feed vegan deli and neighbors

Shoreline Community College Faculty member Louise Petruzzella, student Vivian Bennett and Dennis Comer
Shoreline Community College Faculty member Louise Petruzzella, student Vivian Bennett and Dennis Comer (from left) discuss the vegetable garden Comer is creating July 19, 2014.
Students and faculty form the Shoreline Community College Clean Energy Technology program are designing an off-grid solar and renewable energy power system to help Comer with greenhouse and other needs at the site in Seattle’s Central District.

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